Jesse Terry
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I would love a CD of your Cape Cod song. Where can I acquire it please?

Jesse Terry responded on 09/12/2016

Thanks so much! My great friend Steve wrote the Cape Song and I sang vocals on it. You can download the song for free here:
Hope to see you at a show soon!


Awesome show in Dalton, Ohio! Thank you for sharing your wonderful music with us. Jackson Brown was a super cute addition to the band:) -Julie (Bay Village, OH)

Jesse Terry responded on 09/12/2016

Thank you so much Julie!! That was such a fun show and y’all were awesome:) See you again soon, jt


It was great hearing you both at the ethical brew.

Jesse Terry responded on 06/06/2016

Thanks so much!! so fun to play for y’all.. Keep in touch and hope to see you again soon:)


great performance last evening at Natalie's

Jesse Terry responded on 03/10/2015

Thanks so much Doris!! Great to see you:) I love Natalie’s and playing for the fine folks in Ohio.. Great audiences and very loyal fans/friends.. Keep in touch and can’t wait to see you on the next OH Tour,


Jesse, when I saw you at 'City Winery', opening for Burton Cummings, you reminded me of the early Bob Dylan, especially with your working-man's plaid shirt ;). How much of an influence has Dylan had on your music?


Chris Bisciello
New York

Jesse Terry responded on 07/08/2014

Hey Chris!!

Digging your band man.. Really tight and great sound:)

Great to see you at City Winery.. Yeah of course Dylan has had a huge influence on me. I went through a HUGE Dylan phase and listened to only him for about one year straight! I’m more influenced by Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Springsteen but Dylan will always be one of the GREATS. One of the best songwriters ever and a great melody writer too.

Hope to see you soon man! I’ll be playing with my full band at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2 on Sept. 3rd in NYC.. Great band and venue and free cover.. What’s not to like?

cheers my friend, jesse


I will keep in contact with my brother at The Schultz Theater in New Market concerning touring performers.
My invite to you is still open on the co-writing.
The Arctic Blast in Nashville is heading this way towards VA!!!!!!
See Ya. Take Care and Grace!
GwnMar Music

Jesse Terry responded on 01/06/2014

hey Marvin!!
Thanks so much for signing up for the newsletter and staying in touch:)
We’ll make it work at the Theater.. Just have to find a time where I’m passing through. Will be great to start building an audience there!
Thanks for all your help and hope to see you soon.. Very best to you and Happy New Year!


Hey, Jesse, I'm a big fan of yours and have always thought you're a really cute guy! :) My question's kind of silly! I was wondering are you ticklish and, if so, in what spots? Lots of love jo xx

Jesse Terry responded on 09/10/2013

haha well thank you!! I'm blushing.. YES I'm incredibly ticklish and it's a huge problem:) Pretty much every spot but especially ticklish in the upper rib area..


Jesse, we live in Virginia Beach and see you're playing here on 22 September but don't know that venue. Is it a private party? Are you still available the day before? Tigs and Walter

Jesse Terry responded on 07/22/2013

Hey Tigs and Walter!

Thanks so much for asking:) Yes that venue on Sept. 22nd is a private house concert but I'm sure I could get you RSVP's if you'd like to come! The hosts were at my show the other night in Newport News the other night and our lovely people.

And Yes! I'm actually still available the day before, Saturday Sept. 21st.. Well I should say the night before.. I'll be in Columbus, OH on Friday night so I'd be able to do a night show or house concert on Saturday night if you were interested.. Maybe music starting at 8pm?

Feel free to drop me a line and we can chat!

You can send me your number if you'd like me to ring.. I'm driving 14 hours to Amarillo, Texas tomorrow! Plenty of time to chat.

Thanks again and best,



dont do facebook...why is the addressi n tempe a secret?

Jesse Terry responded on 05/07/2013

That particular show in Tempe is a house concert and is all sold out:( I play a lot of house concerts, especially in areas that I've never been. Some of the other concerts in AZ may have some seating left.. Would you like to drop me a line with your email address and I'll send more info?



I'd like to see you back in the Bay area. How do we make that happen?


Jesse Terry responded on 04/03/2013

hey Paulette!!

Thanks for asking, I'm working on that as we speak and I should be in the Bay Area co-billing with the amazing Alex Wong! It's great you're on the monthly newsletter and will be kept up to date.. SOme of these shows are house concerts and you need the private info to get in!

Do you have any fave singer/songwriter venues in Bay area?

Also if you or any other music lovers would like to host a house concert we are booking those too.. They are a blast!

check that out here:

have a great one and keep in touch,