Jesse Terry
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Jesse, we live in Virginia Beach and see you're playing here on 22 September but don't know that venue. Is it a private party? Are you still available the day before? Tigs and Walter

Jesse Terry responded on 07/22/2013

Hey Tigs and Walter!

Thanks so much for asking:) Yes that venue on Sept. 22nd is a private house concert but I'm sure I could get you RSVP's if you'd like to come! The hosts were at my show the other night in Newport News the other night and our lovely people.

And Yes! I'm actually still available the day before, Saturday Sept. 21st.. Well I should say the night before.. I'll be in Columbus, OH on Friday night so I'd be able to do a night show or house concert on Saturday night if you were interested.. Maybe music starting at 8pm?

Feel free to drop me a line and we can chat!

You can send me your number if you'd like me to ring.. I'm driving 14 hours to Amarillo, Texas tomorrow! Plenty of time to chat.

Thanks again and best,



dont do facebook...why is the addressi n tempe a secret?

Jesse Terry responded on 05/07/2013

That particular show in Tempe is a house concert and is all sold out:( I play a lot of house concerts, especially in areas that I've never been. Some of the other concerts in AZ may have some seating left.. Would you like to drop me a line with your email address and I'll send more info?



I'd like to see you back in the Bay area. How do we make that happen?


Jesse Terry responded on 04/03/2013

hey Paulette!!

Thanks for asking, I'm working on that as we speak and I should be in the Bay Area co-billing with the amazing Alex Wong! It's great you're on the monthly newsletter and will be kept up to date.. SOme of these shows are house concerts and you need the private info to get in!

Do you have any fave singer/songwriter venues in Bay area?

Also if you or any other music lovers would like to host a house concert we are booking those too.. They are a blast!

check that out here:

have a great one and keep in touch,



Where can I download your latest cd? (I would've bought it last night after your show but I actually prefer digital to physical media). My fave song from last night was Black & Blue, btw. Thanks!

Jesse Terry responded on 03/25/2013

hey hey!! Thank you SO much:) Hummingbird was an amazing place and great audience.. I loved it!

Totally feel you on digital media.. If you're just going to download it to phone, cloud, laptop etc it makes tons of sense to just get the digital download:)

My new record "Empty Seat On a Plane" - and my debut record "The Runner" are available at all of the usual suspects for digital downloading.. iTunes,, Amazon etc. If you download from CDbaby the artist gets a MUCH larger share of the purchase price, but if you're more comfortable with iTunes rock on over there! It's ALL good.

My CDBaby Store link is here:

Unfortunately Black & Blue is not recorded yet. It's definitely on my list of songs to record so stay tuned:) In the meantime there's a cool video of the tune on my website under Videos tab:

Thanks again for your kind words and all good things to you! peace,




I am Cliff Robins neighbor.. Looking forward to meeting you and helping Cliff make this a success for you.


Jesse Terry responded on 02/25/2013

Can't wait Troy!! Thank you so much:)


Was Grace on A Train (my favorite song on your album) based
on a true story (Girl)? Or also is it a metaphor (Grace)?
Derrick in Modesto, Ca Congradualtions on your album.

Jesse Terry responded on 02/14/2013

hey Derrick!! Thanks for the message and for digging the new record!! Yes, Grace is absolutely a real person and the whole song/story is true. She's become a dear friend over the years but we met completely randomly on that train. It's a long story and when I get out to CA we should have a beer for the whole story! But also YES Grace is a metaphor for faith and fate in the song.. It just worked out very well that her name was actually Grace:)
cheers, jt


Hey Jesse! When are you coming back to Texas?

Jesse Terry responded on 01/09/2013

hey hey!! I've actually never been to Texas.. terrible huh?! But I'm coming to Texas in March.. 4 shows in Austin area so far but working on more.. Where are you? All shows are on
Most of these are private house concerts but I can probably get an RSVP for you if you'd like to attend. Just drop me a line at:
cheers to you and thanks for writing!


I am the uncle of Jay Ottaway. You were really good in Vermont at Jay's concert this year!

Jesse Terry responded on 11/20/2012

hey Jay's uncle!! Jay is the man and such a talent:) And I loved playing Plymouth Folk this year.. was an honor.. It's great to see how much the festival has grown over the years. Keep in touch and thanks for saying hello!
best, Jesse


What's one of your favorite ways to engage with fans using your mailing list?

Jesse Terry responded on 09/13/2012

wow great question! I try to give my fans something of value in each newsletter.. because their support is why I can do this for a living:) And I always encourage fans/friends to drop me personal emails.. I'm so happy to receive those emails. Hopefully fans come away from my newsletter and know that I'm truly grateful for them... I need to keep on thinking of cool ways to engage with fans and get them more involved. They got super engaged with my PledgeMusic campaign. I'm excited when I'm able to give away a free live recording or song away to my fans. They deserve it! cheers