Jesse Terry
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I am Cliff Robins neighbor.. Looking forward to meeting you and helping Cliff make this a success for you.


Jesse Terry responded on 02/25/2013

Can't wait Troy!! Thank you so much:)


Was Grace on A Train (my favorite song on your album) based
on a true story (Girl)? Or also is it a metaphor (Grace)?
Derrick in Modesto, Ca Congradualtions on your album.

Jesse Terry responded on 02/14/2013

hey Derrick!! Thanks for the message and for digging the new record!! Yes, Grace is absolutely a real person and the whole song/story is true. She's become a dear friend over the years but we met completely randomly on that train. It's a long story and when I get out to CA we should have a beer for the whole story! But also YES Grace is a metaphor for faith and fate in the song.. It just worked out very well that her name was actually Grace:)
cheers, jt


Hey Jesse! When are you coming back to Texas?

Jesse Terry responded on 01/09/2013

hey hey!! I've actually never been to Texas.. terrible huh?! But I'm coming to Texas in March.. 4 shows in Austin area so far but working on more.. Where are you? All shows are on
Most of these are private house concerts but I can probably get an RSVP for you if you'd like to attend. Just drop me a line at:
cheers to you and thanks for writing!


I am the uncle of Jay Ottaway. You were really good in Vermont at Jay's concert this year!

Jesse Terry responded on 11/20/2012

hey Jay's uncle!! Jay is the man and such a talent:) And I loved playing Plymouth Folk this year.. was an honor.. It's great to see how much the festival has grown over the years. Keep in touch and thanks for saying hello!
best, Jesse


What's one of your favorite ways to engage with fans using your mailing list?

Jesse Terry responded on 09/13/2012

wow great question! I try to give my fans something of value in each newsletter.. because their support is why I can do this for a living:) And I always encourage fans/friends to drop me personal emails.. I'm so happy to receive those emails. Hopefully fans come away from my newsletter and know that I'm truly grateful for them... I need to keep on thinking of cool ways to engage with fans and get them more involved. They got super engaged with my PledgeMusic campaign. I'm excited when I'm able to give away a free live recording or song away to my fans. They deserve it! cheers


Jesse Terry's ep .zip file has password required for the songs?
What is it?

Jesse Terry responded on 08/29/2012

hey Jed! Jesse here:)
I've had a few friends with problems downloading and that sucks! It's not password protected? Are you using Internet Explorer as your browser? That browser can be really difficult. Either way, I'm working on a solution for everyone no matter what browser they are using. I want EVERYONE to download it easily.
For right now, I'll send you a file of ep to your email address.. Make sure you aren't using Internet Explorer and let me know if it works. My email is all best and thank you! jesse


I was honored with one of your performances in Roswell, GA recently.
You mentioned a new album coming out soon. I would like to purchase the CD.

Jesse Terry responded on 08/15/2012

hey hey!! Thanks so much for the note:) Roswell show was magic.. so honored to play with James, Beth, Matt and Jim and play for all of you!!
I have two official records out, available on iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby etc.. "The Runner" (2009) and "Empty Seat On A Plane" (2012).
In my Sept. newsletter (which you'll receive now, thanks so much for signing up!) I'll be giving away a free live recording of my July Record Release Show.. Stay tuned for that:) It's just a soundboard recording.. nothing fancy but I think it sounds really good and has a great vibe and energy. Stay tuned and look out for Sept. Newsletter. Always feel free to email me directly at as well.
All best to you and keep in touch.. Hope to get back to GA asap.
cheers, Jesse


Jersey Joe recommended you for my show, Longtown Sound on WLSO.FM and you're coming up in the Monday Edition. I'll be Tweeting and notify you by Facebook post. - Uncleshag

Jesse Terry responded on 07/07/2012

Thank you brother!! just followed you on twitter and fb.. Looks like an awesome show and I'm honored to be included!! Definitely let me know when I can tweet a link to my followers and fb friends. If you'd like to send me your email I can send you a copy of the whole record. Would that be helpful? Cheers to you and keep in touch,
615 569 0330


When are you coming back to Oregon - we loved you and want all of our friends to come hear you sing!

Jesse Terry responded on 04/05/2012

not soon enough cathy!! I'm totally in love with Oregon and the people. I think if my wife saw Cannon Beach it would be all over:) thank you so much for the kind words.. Oregon has a special place in my heart now and I'm already starting to think about when I can return!! and then the booking begins:) if you know of any house concert friends or great listening rooms I'd love to get in touch with those folks! do you own a coffee house?
cheers and love! jesse