Jesse Terry

Where can I download your latest cd? (I would've bought it last night after your show but I actually prefer digital to physical media). My fave song from last night was Black & Blue, btw. Thanks!

Jesse Terry responded on 03/25/2013

hey hey!! Thank you SO much:) Hummingbird was an amazing place and great audience.. I loved it!

Totally feel you on digital media.. If you're just going to download it to phone, cloud, laptop etc it makes tons of sense to just get the digital download:)

My new record "Empty Seat On a Plane" - and my debut record "The Runner" are available at all of the usual suspects for digital downloading.. iTunes,, Amazon etc. If you download from CDbaby the artist gets a MUCH larger share of the purchase price, but if you're more comfortable with iTunes rock on over there! It's ALL good.

My CDBaby Store link is here:

Unfortunately Black & Blue is not recorded yet. It's definitely on my list of songs to record so stay tuned:) In the meantime there's a cool video of the tune on my website under Videos tab:

Thanks again for your kind words and all good things to you! peace,


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