Jesse Terry

Jesse, we live in Virginia Beach and see you're playing here on 22 September but don't know that venue. Is it a private party? Are you still available the day before? Tigs and Walter

Jesse Terry responded on 07/22/2013

Hey Tigs and Walter!

Thanks so much for asking:) Yes that venue on Sept. 22nd is a private house concert but I'm sure I could get you RSVP's if you'd like to come! The hosts were at my show the other night in Newport News the other night and our lovely people.

And Yes! I'm actually still available the day before, Saturday Sept. 21st.. Well I should say the night before.. I'll be in Columbus, OH on Friday night so I'd be able to do a night show or house concert on Saturday night if you were interested.. Maybe music starting at 8pm?

Feel free to drop me a line and we can chat!

You can send me your number if you'd like me to ring.. I'm driving 14 hours to Amarillo, Texas tomorrow! Plenty of time to chat.

Thanks again and best,


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