Jesse Terry

Jesse, when I saw you at 'City Winery', opening for Burton Cummings, you reminded me of the early Bob Dylan, especially with your working-man's plaid shirt ;). How much of an influence has Dylan had on your music?


Chris Bisciello
New York

Jesse Terry responded on 07/08/2014

Hey Chris!!

Digging your band man.. Really tight and great sound:)

Great to see you at City Winery.. Yeah of course Dylan has had a huge influence on me. I went through a HUGE Dylan phase and listened to only him for about one year straight! I’m more influenced by Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Springsteen but Dylan will always be one of the GREATS. One of the best songwriters ever and a great melody writer too.

Hope to see you soon man! I’ll be playing with my full band at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2 on Sept. 3rd in NYC.. Great band and venue and free cover.. What’s not to like?

cheers my friend, jesse

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